東映アニメーション、「ロボディーズ 風雲篇」をディズニーと共同製作  トゥーン・ディズニーで放送  [ロボット]

◆東映アニメーションとウォルト・ディズニー・テレビジョン・インターナショナルジャパン(WDTVI-J)が、実写と3DCGを組み合わせたSFアクションコメディ「ロボディーズ 風雲篇」を共同製作し、WDTVI-Jが運営する「トゥーン・ディズニー」で、6月2日から放送します。


ロボディーズ 風雲篇.jpg ロボディーズは、何世紀にも渡って人間と共存共栄してきた小さな生命体。



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or luck!” and ran out of the room as never boy ran yet.

I turned to speak my first words of comfort to the mother. The cry of the child stopped me.

“I’m so hungry! I’m so hungry!”

I set more food before the famished child and kissed her. She looked up at me with wondering eyes.

“Are you a new papa?” the little creature asked. “My other papa never kisses me.”

I looked at the mother. Her eyes were closed; the tears flowed slowly over her worn, white cheeks. I took her frail hand in mine. “Happier days are coming,” I said; “you are my care now.” There was no answer. She still trembled silently, and that was all.

In less than five minutes the boy returned, and earned his promised reward. He sat on the floor by the fire counting his treasure, the one happy creature in the room. I soaked some crumbled morsels of biscuit in the wine, and, little by little, I revived her failing strength by nourishment administered at intervals in that cautious form. After a while she raised her head, and looked at me with wondering eyes that were pitiably like the eyes of her child. A faint, delicate flush began to show itself in her face. She spoke to me, for the first time, in whispering tones that I could just hear as I sat close at her side.

“How did you find me? Who showed you the way to this place?”

She paused; painfully recalling the memory of something that was slow to come back. Her color deepened; she found the lost remembrance, and looked at me with a timid curiosity. “What brought you here?” she asked. “Was it my dream?”

“Wait, dearest, till you are stronger, and I will tell you all.”

I lifted her gently, and laid her on the wretched bed. The child followed us, and climbing to the bedstead with my help, nestled at her mother’s side. I sent the boy away to tell the mistress of the house that I should remain with my patient, watching her progress toward recovery, through the night. He went out, jingling his money joyfully in his pocket. We three were left together.

As the long hours followed each other, she fell at intervals into a broken sleep; waking with a start, and looking at me wildly as if I had been a stranger at her bedside. Toward morning the nourishment which I still carefully administered wrought its healthful change in her pulse, and composed her to quieter slumbers. When the sun rose she was sleeping as peacefully as the child at her side. I was able to leave her, until my return later in the day, under the c
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